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 Food Science and Technology

       Food Science and Technology (code: 0832) is one of the ¡°Key Disciplines in Yunnan Province¡±from 2001. It is the only one engineering field in food science in Yunnan province, which is a compound field emphasizing on engineering, and combining with science and management.
    Food Science and Technology was established in 1984 and was approved to recruit 4 year undergraduate student by National Education Committee since then. In 2005£¬¡°Food Science¡±was approved to be a master degree program as grade 2 subject. Currently there are two undergraduate programs: Food Engineering and Food Quality and Safety, and Two graduate programs: Food Science and Fermentation Engineering.
     Our student-oriented program focuses on fundamental principles of food chemistry, food safety, food processing and food biology. Students complete a rigorous scientific curriculum that prepares them well for the job opportunities available in the food industry or for graduate studies in the physical, chemical, and biological sciences and medicine. Graduates of this field will be the competitive talents who have acquired the fundamental knowledge of Food Sciences and have the capability to use this knowledge in development of new, wholesome, nutritious, and safe food products. Now, students graduated from our field work in all food industry including new product development, manufacture, product inspection and marketing in Yunnan. They are playing an important role in the development of food technology and the economy of Yunnan Province.
     Altogether there are 11 faculties in this field, including 2 professors and 6 associated professors. 5 of these faculties have doctorate degree and 1 of them have postdoctoral experience. The research in our field concentrates on food engineering, food fermentation and food quality and safety. As the Key Disciplines in Yunnan Province, the research groups having been granted by many National Natural Science Funds, funds from the provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects and funds from many crosswise projects. In the past few years, the research groups have won the Third Prize for Science & Technology of Yunnan Province twice, several times of Invention Prize of Yunnan province and Achievement Award of district and city level. Hundreds of research papers were published including tens of which have been indexed by SCI and EI. Serial achievements were made in the research of characterization, development and application of Yunnan ethnic food resources.
     With the development of Chinese economic society, Food Science faces new situation and new requirements. Accordingly, food Science and Technology Field is attaching great importance by the university and the province government. The discipline development was strengthened by increasing teacher resources, improving research conditions, to meet the needs of the teaching objective of the undergraduate students in Food Science and Technology, and furthermore, to make more effort on the graduate education and academic research.




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