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 Light Chemical Engineering

       Light Chemical Engineering (the former Pulping and Papermaking Engineering) was founded in 1974, as the Yunnan province "eight ? five" provincial key disciplines. There are three major laboratories and a "pulp and paper engineering research center of colleges and universities in Yunnan province ", which provides good research conditions for new technology and application of pulping process product, wet end chemistry and chemicals, bio pulping three research directions. Some research works are financially supported by pulping mills and some science foundations, such as national natural science foundation. Light Chemical Engineering had made great contribution to the development of pulping and papermaking in Yunnan.
    Light Chemical Engineering has a qualified and experienced teaching and research team of 13 people, 8 of them are professors and associate professors, 5 of them have doctoral degrees.
    In addition, Light Chemical Engineering offers degree programs including bachelor, master and engineering master, and more than 1100 graduates from this major work for pulping and papermaking Industry.




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