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Chemical engineering and technology

       Chemical engineering and technology was founded in 1958. After the development and construction in 50 years, the discipline has become the foundation of specialists cultivation, technological innovation in the field of chemical engineering and technology in Yunnan province. In 2007, it was named the key disciplinary fields of Yunnan province, and it also possessed two provincial-level key disciplinaries :£¢Phosphorus chemical process and equipment£¢ and £¢applied chemistry£¢.
       The research covers some fields included in modern chemical engineering, such as preparation of catalytic materials, processing of natural product; porous ceramics; processing and recovery of solid wastes; natural polymer and polymer modification; multifunction polymer nanocomposite and so on. There are two research centers: phosphorus chemical engineering research center and solid waste research center, at the same time there are other 3 discipline teams.




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