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School of Chemical Engineering

    School of Chemical Engineering was founded in 1994, which was named as School of Chemical and Light Industrial Engineering. In 1999, the school changed its name as Biological and Chemical Engineering when the former Yunnan University of Technology was merged into former Kunming University of Science and Technology. The current name was used in 2006 after the reorganization of schools in KUST. Now there are about 1500 full-time undergraduate students and about 180 graduate students.

     There are 3 departments in the school: Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Light Industrial Engineering and Department of Process Equipment and Controlling Engineering. There are also 5 research institutes (centers). The undergraduate program includes 5 majors: Chemical Engineering and Technology, Light-chemical Engineering, Food Science and Engineering, Process Equipment and Controlling Engineering and Energy Chemical Engineering. The graduate program includes one 1st class and 7 2nd class subjects for master¡¯s degree and one 2nd class subjects for doctor¡¯s degree. In addition, there are also 2 subjects for Engineering Master Degree: Chemical Engineering and Light Industrial Engineering and Technology. Subjects of Applied Chemistry, Process and Equipment in Phosphorus Chemical Industry, Food Science and Pulp and Paper Engineering are Key Subjects in provincial level. Chemical Engineering is Key Major in provincial level. Three courses: Plant Fiber Chemistry, Principle of Chemical Industry and Organic Chemistry (for Engineering) were developed into Excellent Courses in provincial level. 5 others, Organic Chemistry (for Engineering), Introduction of Process Equipment, Principle of Chemical Industry, Plant Fiber Chemistry and Food Technology were developed into Excellent Courses in KUST. There is one Teaching and Practice Team for Principle of Chemical Industry course.

    Based in Yunnan province, the rich coal, phosphorus and plant recourses, the school developed its own research characteristics and advantage with a nationwide perspective in subjects such as Chemical Engineering, Food Engineering, Pulp and Paper Engineering and Process Equipment Technology etc. The main research direction includes Phosphorus Chemical Industry, Energy Chemical Engineering, Chemical industry of development forest products, Fine Chemistry, Process Equipment Technology, Solar energy engineering technology, Sewage Treatment Technology, Reclamation and Reuse of Solid Waste, Food Engineering, Food Safety and Pulp and Paper, etc.

    There are 96 Faculties and staffs in school altogether, including 17 professors, 40 associate professors. 34 of the faculties or staffs hold Doctor¡¯s degree and 29 of them hold Master¡¯s degree. There are 5 PhD supervisors and 4 different provincial level academic leaders (or in reserve) in the school.




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